【東京】JJUG x JJBUG共催ナイトセミナー「cloud native business automation for Java」

Fri, 31 Jan 2020 19:00 - 21:00 JST

レッドハット株式会社 3F セミナールーム

渋谷区恵比寿4-1-18 恵比寿ネオナート3階



Red HatのMario Fusco氏とDuncan Doyle氏の来日を記念して、JJUGとJJBUGが共催でナイトセミナーを開催します。
クラウドネイティブ時代において、Java によるビジネスオートメーションがどのように実装されるかを紹介、ライブコーディングによるデモをします。プロジェクト Kogito は Drools/jBPM をベースに、ビジネスルールとビジネスプロセスを Quarkus 上で実現します。Kafka との連携、 Prometheus/Grafana による監視なども紹介します。


  • 場所がいつものオラクル社(外苑前)ではなく、レッドハット社のセミナールームになります。
  • 英語によるセッションです。通訳などはございません。


時間 内容
19:00~19:05 はじめに
19:05~20:55 Event-driven business automation powered by cloud native Java
20:55~21:00 クロージング


Event-driven business automation powered by cloud native Java

Java is entering a new era, the cloud native one. Thanks to GraalVM it can be made smaller, lighter and faster, keeping all its power. This innovative way of developing and deploying Java applications has been pushed to the next level by Quarkus that provides a full-stack development experience seamlessly integrating many widely used Java libraries and thus opens the door for next generation of middleware. Business automation is an important players in this context and Kogito, a new Java toolkit based on Drools and jBPM, is made to bring rules and processes to the Quarkus world.
After a quick introduction to Kogito we'll show in a live coding session how it can be used to build cloud ready event-driven business applications. Starting from scratch we'll create micorservices implementing the business logic of a complex domain with rules and modelling its workflows through business processes. We will demonstrate how Quarkus hot reload capabilities can be used to design this business logic in an iterative way, how to integrate these services with Kafka to process business events, how to monitor them with Prometheus and Grafana and finally how to deploy everything into the cloud.


Mario Fusco(@mariofusco

Mario is a principal software engineer at Red Hat working as Drools project lead. Among his interests there are also functional programming and Domain Specific Languages. He is also a Java Champion, the JUG Milano coordinator a frequent speaker and the co-author of "Modern Java in Action" published by Manning.

Duncan Doyle (@DuncanDoyle)

Duncan Doyle is the Technical Marketing Manager for the Decision Manager and Process Automation Manager platforms at Red Hat. With a background in Red Hat Consulting and Services, Duncan has worked extensively with large Red Hat customers to build advanced, open-source, decision management and business process management solutions.

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