[ONLINE] JJUG Night Seminar "Java analysis tools"

Thu, 07 Oct 2021 20:00 - 22:00 JST

YouTube Live

YouTube Live


time schedule

time(JST) title
8:00pm~8:05pm opening
8:05pm~8:55pm Hot Memory isn't Cool by Kirk Pepperdine
9:05pm~9:55pm How many of the commands in JAVA_HOME/bin are you using? by Koichi Sakata
9:55pm~10:00pm closing

Hot Memory isn't Cool (English)

Did you know that one hot allocating thread can negatively affect the performance of every app running on that server? Our data from a broad range of applications suggest that more than 60% of all applications suffer from this often misunderstood bottleneck. If you want to more know more about how to know if your app is suffering from high allocation rates then you will want to attend this session.

Kirk Pepperdine (@javaperftuning)

Kirk Pepperdine has been performance tuning Java applications for more than 20 years. He is the author of the original Java Performance Tuning workshop. In 2006, Kirk was name a Java Champion for this thought leadership in Java performance tuning. He speaks frequently at user groups and conferences and have been named a JavaOne Rockstar numerous times. Kirk continues to be an ardent supporter of the Java community. He co-founded jCrete, a Java unconference that has been used as a model for a number of other un-conferences. In 2019, Kirk's startup was acquired by Microsoft where he is not employed as a principal engineer.

How many of the commands in JAVA_HOME/bin are you using? (Japanese)

Koichi Sakata (@jyukutyo)

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