【オフライン&配信】 JJUGナイトセミナー「Quarkus World Tour 2022」12/5(月)開催

Mon, 05 Dec 2022 19:00 - 20:40 JST

レッドハット株式会社 3F セミナールーム

東京都渋谷区恵比寿4-1-18 恵比寿ネオナート3階


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Quarkus World Tour 2022を日本で開催します!




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時間 内容
19:00~19:05 オープニング
19:05~19:15 なぜ Kubernetes なのかby 瀬戸 智
19:15~20:45 Zero to Hero in Kubernetes Native Java with Quarkus by Daniel Oh
20:45~20:50 クロージング


なぜ Kubernetes なのか by 瀬戸 智

Kubernetes という技術がここ8年ぐらい注目され続けて多くの企業で採用されています。
次のセッションではKubernetes上でのJava開発のお話となりますので、Kubernetes を知らない人向けに、Kubernetes の概要とKubernetes を使うことのメリットについて軽く説明します。

Zero to Hero in Kubernetes Native Java with Quarkus by Daniel Oh

More than 16.5 million Java developers are currently working to realize business requirements and spend a ton of time and effort to optimize the application performance for a variety of workloads (e.g., Web, Mobile, AI/ML, Edge) in the cloud. A big issue for the developers is to adopt a new language programming or runtimes over Java due to the lack of compatibility with Kubernetes. This session will walk you through how developers can scaffold a Java project from scratch and then build it as a Kubernetes Native application that allows you to have a tiny low memory footprint and milliseconds startup time. You can also continue testing and debugging the application while it’s already deployed to the remote Kubernetes, the same as the local developer experiences of inner loop development.


瀬戸智 (@megascus)

Red Hatでスペシャリストソリューションアーキテクトをしています。JJUGの幹事もしています。

Daniel Oh (@danieloh30)

Daniel Oh is a Senior Principal Developer Advocate at Red Hat to evangelize developers for building Cloud-Native Microservices and Serverless Functions with Cloud-Native Runtimes(i.e. Quarkus, Spring Boot, Node.js) and OpenShift/Kubernetes. Daniel also continues to contribute to various cloud open-source projects and ecosystems as a CNCF ambassador for accelerating DevOps adoption in enterprises. He's speaking at lots of technical seminars, workshops, and meetups to elaborate on new emerging technologies for enterprise developers & DevOps teams.

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