【オフライン&配信】 JJUGナイトセミナー「Bootiful Spring Boot 3.x」7/31(月)開催

Mon, 31 Jul 2023 19:00 - 21:00 JST


東京都港区芝浦3-1-1 田町ステーションタワーN 18階


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time detail
19:00~19:05 Opening
19:05~20:55 Bootiful Spring Boot 3.x by Josh Long
20:55~21:00 Closing

Bootiful Spring Boot 3.x

Spring Framework 6+ and Spring Boot 3+ are here, which means new baselines and possibilities. Spring Framework implies a Java 17 and Jakarta EE baseline and offers new support for building GraalVM-native images and a compile-time component model in the new Spring AOT engine. It also features a new observability layer, declarative HTTP and RSocket clients, preliminary Project Loom and CRaC support, ProblemDetail support, and much more. Developer productivity is second to none with first class support for Testcontainers, Docker Compose, and live reloads. Spring makes idiomatic use of the latest Kotlin features like coroutines and extension functions. Join me Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long (@starbuxman) and we'll explore next-gen Spring together.

Josh Long @starbuxman



  • リーダー : 谷本 心(Shin Tanimoto)
  • サブリーダー : 石田 真彩(Maaya Ishida)

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